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Replica Rolex Day Date 228238 Most Popular New Review

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Victoria Beckham and Rolex Day Date

In general, Replica Rolex Day Date 228238 is most likely the most recognizable watch to date. By the way, they all say “women love bags, men love watches.” Similarly, the Rolex Replica L01 movement with a coaxial escapement. Rolex Replica is shock-resistant and water-resistant. Women’s fascination with watches is not inferior to men’s. I almost think Replica Rolex is absolutely true.

In fact, this is a less typical area of ​​Replica Watches. In general, Fake Watches is not for making heavier watches, but for lighter watches. And, in the street shooting, activities, Victoria’s favorite is Rolex. That is to say, the replica-rolex-day date-yellow-gold-president has improved the surface treatment, which was noticed by the media during her time when she was in love with Beckham. It seems to be a habit now. Then, the sub-dial of the rolex day date replica swiss allows for precise settings. In addition, how much does Bellow love to watch? You will know when you finish her street shooting.

If you think that the dial of Replica Rolex Day Date 228238 looks too plain, then this dial is for you. Since then, the presidential rolex day date 2 replica has been designed to simplify the design to have sublimation capabilities. Despite this, as a minimalist, Bessie is also unshakable about the principle of “Less is more”. Of course, at the end of the Louis Vuitton Cup Regatta, the rolex day date 40 replica rowing won the Challenger Championship. In short, wearing a feminine dress out of the street will not wear accessories other than sunglasses and watches.

How to buy Replica Rolex Day Date 228238

On the other hand, definitely has a collection value. In addition, her dress color and print are very eye-catching. More precisely, rolex oyster perpetual fake price has been loyal for 50 years. The rolex presidential replica has a retro-inspired look. In short, let the beggars, which are usually popular and vigorous, show a gentleness. Today, has over 100 discounted products. The sparkling watch adds a bit of exquisiteness to her when she is right. It is beneficial to increase the size of the Replica Rolex.

Finally, the second hand of the Replica Rolex Day Date 228238 is very easy to cry, and the watch is very accurate. Undoubtedly, taking care of the family without any care, the busy and fast-paced work schedule has never become a problem that disrupts her life. I want to emphasize that Replica Watches is the best for everyone. The reason is that she is making arrangements every day. Only when she gets up at five in the morning, Bessie can compress one month’s workload in one week. Fake Watches has a time preselection device. The same is true, if you know how well she controls her time, it is not difficult to understand why Victoria Beckham, who has been advertised as a strong woman, loves watches so much. As we all know, rolex day date replica cheap is very style.

Replica Rolex Day Date 228238
Replica Rolex Day Date 228238

Basic information of Replica Rolex Day Date 228238

Let us talk about Replica Rolex Day Date 228238 basic information today.

Basic Information

  • Number: 228238 gold plate
  • Brand: Rolex
  • Series: Week Calendar
  • Movement type: automatic machinery
  • Gender: Men


  • model: 3255
  • Manufacturer: 34
  • type: automatic machinery


  • diameter: 40 mm
  • Dial color: gold
  • Dial shape: round
  • Strap color: gold
  • Buckle type: folding buckle
  • Back through: back through
  • Waterproof depth: 100 meters


  • Case material: 18k yellow gold, triangular pit outer ring
  • Surface material: anti-scratch blue crystal
  • Crown material: 18k yellow gold
  • Strap material: 18k gold, heads, three solid links
  • Buckle material: 18k yellow gold